First Blog Post

So this is my first blog post as mentioned in the title *wink*. I am keeping this blog super simple, nothing formal, just to write my thoughts to share. Anyways this is not my first blog few years back i started a blog but it never did continue. This time I am trying my best to keep it up running.

Why I started a blog?

This was a question i googled before creating a blog. I remember it mentioning of attracting audience, making a statement, establishing authority, make money etc.

But i have a slightly different reason of starting this blog at this particular time of my life. I hope this blog will keep me involved in an activity to keep my mind away from negativity. In other words more like a distraction. I hope in the long run this will turn out to be a hobby or something that actually give some kind of a service; help for the world, for it to slightly be a better place for all of us.

Why I didn’t start a video log (vlog)?

I think its because I am not really expecting a big audience at this time. Plus I am good in writing matters than speaking out and making it in to a video.

As I said above this is for my distraction and to keep myself occupied. Honestly I am not expecting anyone to read this. (<~~That there is the negativity I was talking about).

What I am expecting to write on this blog?

I am mostly expecting to write about my reflections in life in general. Something I felt, learnt which I think will be relevant for somebody else in their life.

I am planning to avoid all the uninteresting matters which happen in my life. So this wont be a daily blog where I am going to tell what I ate, did, went, etc. , but more of life lessons and experiences I had.

That concludes my first post. Hoping to write more and share more. Cheers!

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