On Sunday I read the Bible, on Monday I read this

After my first blog post I wrote several drafts of articles but didn’t felt like posting because technically speaking this is my first proper article. This felt like it needs to be the first.

It all started when I was 12, I was a typical school boy who was living a typical 12-year-old life. One day my dad sat me down and said he has a gift for me. As a 12-year-old I was over the moon hearing it’s a gift. But then my dad took out this old rugged looking yellow color book. It was in bad condition and looked prehistorical. As a 12-year-old I was disappointed and was hoping he was joking and have a real gift which I can at least play with.

Anyhow my dad had only that book and no any other present. He gave me and said to me it belonged to his dad, my grandpa who I heard was a big book-worm. As it happens to be my grandpa gifted it to my dad as well. It sounds important to him so I took it so not to disappoint him and I promised him to read it.


The exact same book


Time passed, I never was interested in reading the book, especially because it seemed like old people book not a kind for a kid to enjoy. But for my dismay my dad never forgot about the book and he kept on asking whether I started reading. So as any 12-year-old with much important stuff to do I said yes just to keep him happy.

It was only when I dislocated my knee and was bed bound for several weeks I remembered about the book. May be it was because I inherited book-worm genes and was out of reading material. It was not easy to be on bed for a 12 old specially when there is not much to do. So, I took the book my dad gave and started reading.

First few pages made no sense at the time but it had words it had some story so the book-worm in me kept reading. It hit me only when I read the line ” There is only one way under high heaven to get anybody to do anything.”. Oh my God what did I just read? It sounded so sweet to my little 12-year-old head as I was trying so hard to get stuff I wanted by that time mainly because I was prescribed to be on bed. So, I read the chapter like I was studying for an exam, memorized all I can and thought of putting it in to action.

The first task I wanted to do after reading the chapter was to make my dad make pizza for me. I followed the steps in the book and made him think it was his idea to make me pizza. The very next morning to my surprise I got pizza for breakfast. Yes, you heard me right, 12-year-old typical school boy read this one chapter and followed the steps to the word and made his dad make pizza the very next day. (I later learnt that my dad understood where all the compliments etc. came from and wanted to make pizza to encourage me to read it more and practice it more.) I was so happy and proud that I did it. So, the 12-year-old me was made more curious what else I can do with this book and started reading it from cover to cover. And to be honest it changed my life.

I am not going to mention what I earned in my life from this book because there are many other testimonials which are far more impressive than mine. But I will talk about what happened when later in life with the rat race I forgot what I learnt from the book.

Things all started to collapse when I was doing my very best in my carrier wise. I managed to achieve all I want. But as it is told “power makes you blind”, I tend to forget what I learnt and started doing the exact opposite. Sadly, I had to hit rock bottom more than once to realize what I was doing wrong.

It is not only my carrier I tend to grow apart from the most valued relationships I had with my parents, my girlfriend and with my friends. Well I must say it was some very ugly days of my life. Instead of Kith the awesome son/ boyfriend/ friend I was the rude angry person which I despise the most now.

It is sad to say once you fell off the wagon it is hard to get back on. As I write this article I am still struggling to mend all the damages which I cause and try to be that joyous person everybody wants on their team.

With all my failure and setbacks, I learnt one thing important. Nothing is permanent, you have to refresh, learn and practice every day till the end of times if you need yourself to be successful. This book not only taught me how to win friends and influence people but it taught me the most important lesson in life, if you have the will, the passion and the urge of becoming the best version of yourself you must work for it. Every $10 you earn you must spend at least $1 -$2 for your own self-development.

As the story of the wood cutter says more the time you spend on sharpening your ax more the trees you will able to cut.


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